EMS - Medical trauma & ambulance helicopters

helicopterflights.be offers under the name MEDIC1 (and MEDIC2) a range of helicopters, which can be operationally deployed at the request of hospitals, emergency services, 100 centres, companies, ...

These helicopters are used as MUG or ambulance helicopters and are used for both primary and secondary transport. The transport of organ teams is also an important part of the task package. MEDIC 1 is the only helicopter ambulance service in Belgium that is not attached to any particular hospital, and is therefore available to anyone wishing to deploy the helicopters.

For companies or private institutions, we have special formulas and projects at our disposal so that they too can call directly on the services of MEDIC 1.

General and technical information

Number of persons:1 or 2 pilots + 1 or 2 patients + 2 pers. medical crew
Engine(s):2 x turbine Turbomecca ARRIUS 2B1
Performance:CAT A, twin engine
Speed / range:240 km/h - 550km (+ reserve)
Equipment:VFR, VFR Night, GPS, IFR
Medical facilities:- Fully flat stretcher with straps and sliding system
- Possibility of 2 stretchers (also roller stretcher)
- Mobile incubator available for neonatology
- Certified supports for equipment & electrical power supplies (12V - 24V)
- Standard equipped with 1200 liters of oxygen + certified racks for additional bottles
- Easy & safe loading & unloading of patients via double rear door and encapsulated Fenestron tail rotor
- Sliding & pivoting seats for medical crew, patient always within reach
Medical crew:2 persons standard / max. 5 persons for e.g. organ
transports To be provided by requesting hospital, or on request provided by helicopterflights.be

Emergency services/hospitals

  • Primary flights in case of accidents or disasters
  • Primary flights in hard-to-reach areas
  • Urgent flights neonatology
  • Secondary flights hospital - hospital
  • Replacement flights of ambulance rides
  • Transport of organs / transplant teams
  • (Inter)national repatriations


Companies with an increased risk of (serious) industrial accidents:

Special subscription formulas for the transport of an employee in the event of an accident


  • Medical helicopter for car or motorcycle racing
  • Guidance of cycling races
  • Standby at (music) festivals or happenings