Firefighting by helicopter - Bambi Bucket

Helicopters are used worldwide for fast and efficient extinguishing work. The use of the 'Bambi Bucket' makes a helicopter a perfect assistance for all firefighting work, a real firefighting helicopter. has a Bambi Bucket, which can be used very quickly for:

  • Forest and heathland fires
  • Burning wind turbines or transformers
  • Industrial fires
  • Ship fires
  • Roof fires
  • All fires on difficult terrain

The use of the Bambi bucket offers more possibilities than just extinguishing with water. The use of specific extinguishing agents or foam is also possible. Filling the Bambi bucket can be done in lakes, rivers, swimming pools, ... but is also possible with a fire hose: 'Ground Filling'.

Besides extinguishing works, can also carry out spraying works with the Bambi bucket: fields, trees, plants, ...