Learn to fly a helicopter? Become a helicopter pilot? Our helicopter pilot training is waiting for you.

You want to fly with passengers in any type of helicopter, but only privately or for your own use (unpaid)?

The PPL(H) license is meant for pilots who have no commercial intentions with their helicopter license, but want to fly with friends, family, customers, ...

Obtaining a PPL(H) licence is also the first step in further training towards CPL(H).

Conditions PPL(H) training

  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Passed a medical examination Class 2
  • No prior knowledge required, for each level of study

Theory PPL(H) training

Tailor-made: you follow theory in evening school, privately or through our distance learning (self-study combined with class sessions).  

After the theory lessons you will take a written exam at the FPS in Brussels (on computer).

You can follow the theory training before, during or after the practical lessons (flying hours). We recommend combining theory and practical lessons. In this way you will be able to understand the theory more quickly and put it into practice.


The course in Lint started on 21/11/2022. We have several dates where new students can enter:

Since 2009, more than 150 pilots were trained in our accredited ATO / DTO training organization. Every year we organize a theory PPL(H) course for obtaining a helicopter pilot's license.

We invested in professional streaming equipment during the Corona pandemic and continue to believe in the combination of physical lessons, video lessons and private instruction.

helicopterflights.be has classrooms and offices in Lint (near Antwerp) and operates Knokke Heliport - where we also have a base for practical & private lessons theory.

Theory lessons Lint (Antwerp)

Theory lessons Knokke Heliport

Practice PPL(H) training

You will fly a minimum of 45 flying hours with an instructor (or solo under supervision). The practical lessons are scheduled according to your schedule and possibilities: also in weekends and on Sundays and holidays.

As soon as you are ready, you will take the practical exam with an examiner from DGLV.

Helicopter instructor PPL training

Infobrochure PPL(H) training

All information & rates about the helicopter pilot training can be found in our digital brochure.

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