Cargo Sling is the piloting, lifting or transporting of goods or materials underneath a helicopter.

A cargo-hook is mounted underneath the helicopter, to which various goods or materials can be attached directly or with an intermediate line. The deployment of a helicopter with cargo-hook is used for, among other things:

  • Installation of air conditioning units or lift motors on blocks of flats
  • Heisen of building and construction materials
  • Concrete casting at height
  • Heighing trees, firewood, hay bales...
  • Construction of electrical or communication cables / lines
  • Setting of poles or pylons
  • Heisen of scaffolding materials
  • Work on chimney pipes, replacement of filters
  • Mountains of wrecks / boats / ...
  • Supply of seagoing vessels
  • Advertising banners or stunts
  • Firefighting by helicopter

Helicopters are mainly used in places where the use of a regular crane is difficult or impossible. E.g. in urban areas, where traffic does not permit the installation of a crane. But also in inhospitable areas (forests, nature reserves, mountains, ...) where regular transport can never get there. offers cargo sling with the Airbus H120 (EC120) and the Airbus EC135 (twin engine).