helicopterflights.be has been specialized in the organization or execution of air baptisms by helicopter for years. During an aerial baptism, passengers get acquainted with helicopter flying during a short but spectacular flight.

Air baptisms are organized in places where many people are together, and there are enough (potential) passengers:

  • open days or opening of a business
  • staff parties
  • fair, fairground, folk festivals
  • festivals, happenings, meetings
  • amusement parks

Various formulas are offered for the organisation of air baptisms.

At some events, helicopterflights.be takes care of the organisation of air baptisms, whereby the organiser does not bear any costs or risk, but only makes the terrain available (*).

In all cases helicopterflights.be takes care of the inspection of the terrain, a trained ground crew, fuel installation, fire extinguishers, ...

For companies or associations that want to offer their clients or relations a special experience, helicopterflights.be has tailor-made formulas.

(*) helicopterflights.be only organises a limited number of air baptisms per year under its own management. That is why there are certain criteria that your event must meet. Feel free to contact us to see if we can offer helicopter flights at your event.