Helicopter VFR Night night flying permit

Under European EASA regulations, it is possible (even as a PPL(H) private pilot) to fly a helicopter at night. A PPL(H) pilot can take an additional VFR NIGHT training course, which is credited as an addition to his existing license.

As a pilot, you must first meet the following conditions:

  • Minimum of 100h flying experience since obtaining license
  • At least 60h of that as PIC and 20h cross-country (A>B)
  • Have a valid (at least) Class 2 medical with no color vision restrictions
helicopter VFR Night training
VFR Night helicopter training course Belgium

At helicopterflights.be you can get your education & training VFR Night. For this training we can use several helicopter types: the Robinson R22, Robinson R44 or Airbus EC120B.

VFR NIGHT training for a PPL(H) consists of:

  • 5h theory VFR NIGHT
  • 10h Dual Instrument Instruction flying hours
  • 5h night flight in helicopter type on which you are typerating busy

This 5h night flight in practice consists of:

  • 3h night instruction with instructor
  • 1h cross-country (overland) navigation
  • 5 solo night circuits

The ideal period for training VFR Night is the winter period: it gets dark faster and you can fly within the opening hours of the major airports (for e.g. circuit-training and cross-country).

Interested in training on VFR Night for your PPL(H)?