As a helicopter pilot you need a 'type rating' for every type of helicopter you want to fly.

A type rating is a statement on your license that determines which types of helicopters you may fly.

For each typerating you must do a yearly 'proficiency check': a flight with an examiner to prove that you still can fly each helicopter type safely.

Type rating R22 - R44 - EC120 - EC135

Type Rating R22 R44 EC120 EC135

What does a typerating course entail?

Theory typing

Depending on the type of aircraft you need to follow between 5 and 20 hours of theory.

For a first turbine rating or helicopter types with VEMD, additional theory hours apply.

After the theory lessons there is a written exam (minimum result to be achieved = 75%).

Practice typerating

To obtain a type rating there is a minimum of 5 hours of practice (instruction). For some aircraft or VEMD cockpits additional hours are required.

Depending on the pilot's skills, more practice hours may be required.

After the practical hours there is an exam flight of at least 1 hour with an official DGLV examiner.

Where & when, how long?

The training takes place in our classrooms in Lint or Knokke. Practical flights take place in /from Helicopter Training Areas around Antwerp or Knokke.

Each type meeting can be tailored to your schedule.  

A type rating can be completed in 2 to 4 days. Depending on the meteorological conditions for the flight hours.

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