Professional & shake-free images in Full HD or up to 5.8K from the air? This is possible thanks to gyroscopically stabilized camera systems, which can easily be mounted on our helicopters.

In cooperation with a professional partner, can offer you flights with Cineflex and GSS.

With the help of these systems we are able to create vibration-free images from the air, in cinematic quality (up to 5.8K).

The stabilized camera is operated from the helicopter by an operator, who can rotate and zoom the camera.

The images can be recorded or forwarded directly to a ground station or other helicopter. The pilot and possibly a director can also be provided with a monitor to follow the images live. has 2 x EC120B and an EC135 (Twin Engine) which are equipped with the necessary adaptations for mounting Cineflex / GSS camera systems.

The latest evolution in aerial filming: Image quality up to 5.8K, filming at 200fps, completely vibration-free images.

It's all possible with the GSS-C516 camera systems. It's all possible with the GSS-C516 camera systems. Our Belgian partners for aerial imagery offer this system, which can be mounted on our EC120 or EC135 helicopter.

Filming with a shoulder camera.

Filming with a loose or shoulder camera is also possible from our helicopters. Although this does not always benefit the stability of the filmed material, does everything necessary to bring these film missions to a successful conclusion.

The EC120 and EC135 from have a sliding door that can remain open during the flight, giving you, as a cameraman, the necessary space to take optimal images.

The Robinson R44 can fly without door(s) in order to provide sufficient room to move. During the entire flight, both camera-man and director can talk to the pilot and give the necessary instructions.