Helicopters are the ideal tool for inspection of gas pipelines, high voltage lines, industrial installations, buildings, ...

From the air you get an unrivalled view, and thanks to the speed and manoeuvrability you can very efficiently carry out all possible inspections by helicopter.

helicopterflights.operates inspection flights, both for network operators of gas and electricity pipelines, but also occasional inspections of industrial installations, shipyards, ships, ...

For the safe execution of all these flights helicopterflights.be has several helicopters at its disposal: from piston engine for budget friendly flights, to twin engine turbine for delicate assignments or assignments over cities, water, ...

An experienced and trained pool of pilots together with the crew ensures punctual execution of the inspections:

  • visual inspections of gas & high-voltage lines
  • visual inspections of vegetation
  • thermal inspections with camera / infrared
  • GPS and geographical flights for cartography
  • visual or photographic inspection of industrial installations
  • inspection of (nuclear) radiation