Theory PPL exam in the Netherlands is a recognised training provider in The Netherlands and can therefore register students for exams in The Netherlands.

Both internal and external students can register for theory exams in The Netherlands via

In the Netherlands, you can go to various locations: Maastricht, Eindhoven, ...

Why take PPL(H) exam in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, you can take the exam subject by subject, at your own pace and rhythm. In Belgium, one could not take an exam for a long time because the Belgian administration was suspended by EASA.

Throughout the period of the suspension, all students could visit all centers of the CBR in the Netherlands.


  • You have completed a theoretical training course and have covered all subjects as prescribed in the EASA regulations.
  • You successfully complete a mock exam at (paying for external students)
  • You choose which and how many courses to take in a day
  • After delivery of the admission ticket, you take all (re)exams within 18 months.