Renewal of licences (also PPL) nav Corona

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The closure of the Belgian airspace with a ban on VFR traffic, training flights, prof-checks,... means that pilots (both CPL and PPL) are confronted with licenses or type ratings that expire and cannot be renewed.

On 20 March 2020, DGLV therefore published BCAA/Exemptions/COMB/2020-02 granting an extension to 4 months for expired permits, ratings, endorsements, certificates and attestations.

In this exemption, however, only CPL and ATPL pilots were mentioned. What about the many hundreds of PPL pilots in Belgium who have an expired license or type rating in Corona time? contacted DGLV through Danny Croon with the question. DGLV was able to confirm by telephone that a different / modified exemption will be published in the course of next week whereby PPL pilots can also benefit from the same exemption measure.

No need to panic. Everyone will be able to get back on the air after Corona. Do you still have a expired permit somewhere, typing or unfinished training? Time to get them out of the dust. At we'd like to help you get back up to date and get you safely back on the air.

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