MEDIC1 flies Corona patients in special Isolator

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As soon as the Corona crisis in Belgium took on a large scale, the MEDIC1 team immediately set to work to provide the medical helicopter (Airbus EC135) with the necessary measures to protect both patients and the medical & flying crew.

While an airtight wall between the cockpit and the medical room served as the first protection, behind the scenes a worldwide search was started for a suitable and European approved Isolator underpressure cabin.

Corona MEDIC1 helicopter isolation cabin

In such a cabin - where there is permanent underpressure - infected Corona patients can be transported without any risk of contaminating the outside world. opted for a model where a permanent underpressure is guaranteed. In the helicopter, the pumps run on the power on board. Outside the helicopter, a battery provides an autonomy of no less than 5 hours.

It goes without saying that, in times of global Corona crisis, such equipment is difficult to find on the one hand and represents a serious investment on the other. intends to use such an investment to take the lead in promoting the deployment of medical helicopters in Belgium and make it generally accepted.

Contract with FPS Public Health

The efforts of to safely transport Corona patients did not go unnoticed. The FPS Public Health asked for the medical helicopter to be deployed at the request of the Belgian government.

FPS Public Health & concluded a contract whereby the Belgian State can request on demand the use of MEDIC1 for the transport of Corona related patients.

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis MEDIC1 has been on standby 24/24 with a reduced response time. The investments and modifications to the helicopter make MEDIC1 currently the safest and fastest means of transport for Corona patients.

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