Robinson R22 initiation flight - 60 min package CADEAUBON


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Package consisting of 30 min theoretical training + 30 min flight in a Robinson R22 helicopter.
Under the guidance of a professional instructor you learn to control the helicopter step by step.
For 1 person. Departure and arrival region Antwerp. Date and hour of your choice.

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Consisting of: 30 min training + 30 minutes flight

With a Robinson R22 you will learn the basics of helicopter flying. A certified instructor will first give you all the explanations about the controls and instruments of the helicopter. Then you get in, start the engine and go up in the air for 30 minutes.

What you've just learned, you're going to do now: step by step you take over the controls of the helicopter, until you fly all by yourself. Everything remains safe: because of the dual controls, the instructor always has the controls close at hand to help or correct you.

You will never forget this experience: almost all helicopter pilots worldwide were trained on the Robinson R22. Attention: maximum passenger weight = 90kg.

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Additional Information

Number of persons:

1 person




Self to choose, depending on availability device & instructor.

Max. weight of passenger(s):

90 kg