Antwerp sightseeing by helicopter - 15 minutes CADEAUBON


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A spectacular 15-minute flight in a helicopter over Antwerp and its surroundings. For 1 person. See detailed description for all information.

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A spectacular 15-minute helicopter flight over and around the beautiful city of Antwerp.

During this helicopter flight you will experience the feeling of real flying: as soon as you have boarded the helicopter and are wearing your seatbelt, you will take to the air, like you have never done before. Through the headphones, the pilot explains where you are flying, how fast, how high and what fun there is to see outside.

You will fly over the Antwerp harbour, pass the city of Antwerp and the old part of the city via the Scheldt and with a bit of luck, the helicopter will fly over the airport of Antwerp / Deurne.

You'll never forget this experience: after 15 minutes you'll come out of the machine full of adrenaline and enjoy it for a long time to come.

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Can be used on fixed days (every 1st Sunday of the month). Valid for 1 person.
Departure and arrival at Hoevenen Airport (Antwerp region).

Additional Information

Number of persons:

1 person


Antwerp region


On organised flight days that are inserted monthly.
You choose the flight day of your choice.


You're in the helicopter with other passengers.
Each flight is always with a full helicopter crew.